Autumn Offerings


Life Activation
Full Energy Clearing
Egyptian Aura Healing for Manifestation
Essential Oils Healing & Shamanic Aura Clearing
Crystal Healing & Reading
Life Purpose Reading

Choose 3 for $475
All 6 for $975

(sessions are typically $200 each)


Hi there traveler of life!

You've sought long, hard and far to find a place to call home in this kind of crazy and messed up world. You often feel a bit overwhelmed with all that is happening "out there." You have struggled to "fit" in the mold that society has created for you. You are unique! You have gifts. You have heightened awareness and senses. You know that magick exists!

Perhaps throughout your travels you've come to recognize that this home you seek is not necessarily a destination or landing spot, but somewhere deep inside of you. Within your embodied emotions, feelings, physical and psychic senses. Within your own being.

Does this resonate?


Ok, GREAT! Because I'm here. I have walked this road. I have stumbled upon this road. I have almost ended this road. However, along it I found my path home. Along it I found myself. And I'm here to share this all with you. 

My name is Casey, and I seek to consistently and constantly embody my sacred spirit. And I wish to assist you in doing the same.

Please enjoy a guided meditation, created with you in mind

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